The Government is Giving Less Notice

The Government is Giving Less Notice

21 May 2021

It's good news/bad news for landlords as the government announces even more changes to notice periods.

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease, there is growing worry amongst renters on how they might be affected as they readjust to the new level of normality, but they need not fear as Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher, recently announced a phased return to normal. The first step of which is the changing of notice periods, from six, to four months on the 1st of June 2021.

This notice period will last until at least the end of September, providing important protection for tenants as the UK continues to go through its restriction roadmap. The intention is then to return landlords to their pre-Covid notice periods of two months from the 1st of October.

Additionally, on the 31st of May, the current ban on bailiff-enforced evictions, which were introduced as an emergency measure during lockdown, will come to an end. However, it is important to note that if tenants are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, bailiffs have been instructed not to carry out the eviction.

Whilst this may not be the immediate return to normality that landlords perhaps wanted, it is good to see that the government are providing support to help both landlords and tenants in the upcoming months.

These changes continue to give protection to tenants as we all stay cautiously on course for a successful exiting of lockdown restrictions.

The planned final reversion to two months’ notice comes in conjunction with the planned end of the Job Retention Scheme, which should mean that landlords once again have more flexibility to remove bad tenants at the time when they may need it the most!

If you have any questions regarding the notice changes or bailiff evictions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Pittis are your local letting experts and we’re always on hand to help.