Prepare your house for the best EPC rating

28 April 2014

When you receive and Energy Performance Certificate, it will include a list of recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of a property. As they reduce energy use, they’ll save you money on.

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Did the budget fulfil our hopes?

25 March 2014

Beyond the headline grabbing announcements about beer and bingo taxes, there were positive pledges in the budget for the housing market.

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What are our hopes for the 2014 Budget?

18 March 2014

There is always intense speculation of what a new Budget will mean for the country. Rather than concentrate on the easy obvious areas such as alcohol duty, we’ve created a list of what we want to.

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What do the changes to mortgage lending rules mean?

10 March 2014

There will be changes to the rules that mortgage advisors have to follow when selling mortgages in April 2014. The new rules were created by the Financial Conduct Authority following a report into.

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Relying only on the internet means you might miss out on your dream home

06 February 2014

Can anything beat the power of an internet search, even one by the mighty Google? Well, when it comes to finding your next property, our estate agents can recommend properties that the web doesn’t.

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Don’t ignore mobile reception when buying a house

03 February 2014

There are ways to fix poor mobile reception so you don’t have to refuse an otherwise perfect new home. We explain how to check for signal and what you can do to improve it.

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The problem with Stamp Duty

04 December 2013

You can't ignore Stamp Duty - it can significantly increase your costs and can't be added to your mortgage. The TaxPayers' Alliance is now calling for it to be abolished with it's “Stamp Out Stamp.

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Can I Keep My Mortgage Repayments Down?

29 November 2013

When the Bank of England interest rates rise (find out why and when here), mortgage rates will surely follow. We can help you keep the best mortgage repayment rates possible with the advice here and.

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When Is The Right Time To Remortgage?

26 November 2013

Monthly mortgage repayment rates have been low for a long time now, thanks to the decision by the Bank of England to keep interest rates at their historic low. It can't go on forever by we can help.

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Avoid winter repair bills

31 October 2013

Winter can be hard on your home and your wallet. A recent survey found that 22% of householders had a home-related problem last winter, costing an average of £555 to fix. We show the top five most.

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