Could your garden increase your asking price by £22,000?

Could your garden increase your asking price by £22,000?

03 August 2020

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more of us have chosen to spend time in our gardens. ‘Staycations’ and ‘Resort a la lockdown’, have become the new holiday destination as the hopes for soaking up the sun in a foreign country doesn’t seem likely in 2020.

But like the true Brits that we are, we’ve battled through and made the most of our gardens, so much so, that garden bars and home grown vegetables are now considered the new ‘essentials’.


Did you know that where you garden is placed, could add a £22,000 premium to your house? It’s true! South-facing gardens are priced at £22,695 higher on average than homes without. Also, nationally, these homes have been selling two days faster than others.

Putting that in context, the national average asking price of a three or four bedroom home with a south-facing garden is £369,365, compared to £346,670 without.


Recent studies showed that the priorities for buyers have changed. Since feeling caged in our own four walls by COVID-19, people have a new found appreciation for socialising and space. In fact, 30% of buyers said they are looking to relocate to a rural area. Now whilst this opens you up more to the elements, particularly in the coastal areas, these conditions are softened by having a south-facing garden and reports show that gardens are now a ‘must-have’ for many buyers.


But what is the difference between a south-facing garden against any other garden and why do these gardens come with a higher price tag?

Without going into the science of it all, it’s based on where the sun sets in the west and rises in the east. Essentially, you’ll enjoy a greater amount of sunlight and you don’t need a keen green thumb to tell you the benefits of that.

A south-facing garden means you can have more time and areas to socialise. In a world where we want to keep close but not too close, a summer BBQ, having a glass of wine on the patio in the evening with friends or simply just your own little outdoor space outside of your bedroom has become more valuable than ever.


So the question is. Could your garden placement get you more money for your home? The simple answer is, yes it can.